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06th Feb, 2020

Cyber Crimes in the IPC and IT Act - An…

Defining “Cyber Crimes” The term “cyber-crimes” is not defined in any statute or rulebook. The…

03rd Feb, 2020

The Mineral Laws (Amendment) Ordinance - Key Changes

Introduction  The mining industry has historically been one of the more heavily regulated industries in…

22nd Jan, 2020

Self-Reporting a Personal Data Breach - An Obligation under the…

Introduction Imagine for a moment that traffic rules required every motorist and pedestrian to self-report…

08th Jan, 2020


Transparency and maximum disclosure are the immutable cornerstones of an effective democracy. However, absolute and…

06th Jan, 2020

Blockchain Technology - A Review

What is a Blockchain?  A blockchain, as its name suggests, is a virtual chain made…

19th Dec, 2019

Right of Erasure under the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019

Introduction  The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 (“2019 Bill”) provides for a right to erasure…

17th Dec, 2019

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 – A Comparison with…

Introduction  The latest version of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 (“2019 Bill”) has been…

22nd Nov, 2019

Binding Non-Signatories to an Arbitration - Charting the Shifting Paradigms

Introduction  Commercial transactions in today’s context are often complex, multi-layered and involve parties from several…

15th Nov, 2019

Financial Service Providers - Special Framework under IBC

Introduction The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“IBC”) was enacted in 2016 providing a framework…

11th Nov, 2019

Double Dip under IBC - A Tough Choice for Lenders

Introduction  In financing transactions, one of the most conventional means of securing the payment obligations…

11th Oct, 2019

SEBI’s AIF Regulations 2012 - A Few Tweaks Required

Introduction The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012 (“AIF Regulations”)…

19th Sep, 2019

Introducing Differential Voting Rights

Introduction Differential voting rights (“DVR”) refer to equity shares holding differential rights as to dividend…


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