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20th Jan, 2023

SEBI: Introduction of future contracts on Corporate Bond Indices

  • Corporate and M&A

19th Jan, 2023

SEBI: Consultation Paper on standardised approach to valuation of investment portfolio of Alternative Investment Funds

  • Corporate and M&A

10th Jan, 2023

SEBI: Introduction of Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) platform in case of disruption of trading services provided by the Trading Member

  • Corporate and M&A

06th Jan, 2023

Transition of Company forms to the MCA21 V3 Portal

  • Corporate and M&A

07th Dec, 2022

SEBI: VCFs may not extend their tenure beyond the term defined in their private placement memorandum

  • Corporate and M&A

05th Aug, 2022

SEBI: Implementation of Circular on ‘Guidelines in pursuance of amendment to SEBI KYC (Know Your client) Registration Agency (KRA) Regulations, 2011'

  • Corporate and M&A

04th Aug, 2022

SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) (Third Amendment) Regulations, 2022

  • Corporate and M&A

29th Jul, 2022

SEBI: Circular on Aadhar authentication by sub-KUAs

  • Corporate and M&A

28th Jul, 2022

SEBI Consultation Paper on Online Bond Trading Platforms

  • Corporate and M&A

25th Jul, 2022

Levy of GST on fees payable to SEBI

  • Corporate and M&A

22nd Jul, 2022

Ministry of Industry and Commerce amends the Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006

  • Corporate and M&A

22nd Jul, 2022

CCPA issues Guidelines for Prevention of Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements for Misleading Advertisements

  • Corporate and M&A

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